The Pueblo Chieftain

Jeff Tucker

October 24, 2013

Action 22, a regional advocacy organization representing 22 Southern Colorado counties, has announced its opposition to Amendment 66, a ballot measure to raise millions of dollars for public schools.

In a statement released this week, the organization said the measure would further complicate the state budget by injecting conflicting amendments into the state constitution and requiring that 43 percent of the state budget be used to fund kindergarten through 12th-grade education.

It also said the proposed “two-tier” income tax structure was unfair to small businesses.

“Nowhere are there accountability measures or performance requirements to our education system,” the release said. “Adding more money into the system is unhealthy. Real reform is needed.”

The statement goes on to say that Action 22 continues to support public education and is ready to help with any effort to bring reform, accountability and increased performance to the system.

You see that would be so nice to get the things like that. Reformes are so needed.


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