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Claim vs. fact: Coloradans deserve to know the truth about Amendment 66
DENVER (October 17, 2013) —Today, Coloradans for Real Education Reform (CRER) launched its “Claim vs. Fact” campaign dedicated to educating and informing Coloradans about the facts around Amendment 66, the billion dollar tax increase.

The web campaign, which can be seen here , consists of a series of Facebook and Pinterest messages that offer the truth behind the myths that Colorado Commits to Kids has spread throughout Colorado.

“This is the largest income tax hike in Colorado’s history. Coloradans need the facts to help cast an informed vote in the 2013 election,” said Kelly Maher, Coloradans for Real Education Reform coalition member.  “Our opponents have promised our children a world-class education in exchange for a billion dollar tax increase.  The truth is that Amendment 66 contains no provisions to deliver any of these promises. It’s unfair to make these promises without any way to fulfill them.”

While the false promise to restore gym and music classes to Colorado’s schools may be the most visible whopper that Colorado Commits to Kids spread, the proponents stand behind several other pieces of misinformation, such as the ones below.

CLAIM: Amendment 66 will hold educators accountable for student achievement

FACT: Amendment 66 holds no one accountable.

CLAIM: Amendment 66 will reduce class size.

FACT: There are no guarantees this money will reach classrooms.

The ballot proposal is a two-tiered tax increase, a tax increase on all levels of income. This increase translates to a 27 percent state income tax increase on incomes greater than $75,000 and an 8 percent tax increase on incomes below that threshold. Despite the massive tax hike, the proposal lacks the genuine reforms our children deserve.

About Coloradans for Real Education Reform

The bipartisan coalition, Coloradans for Real Education Reform, was developed to advocate for substantive reform that leads to measurable gains in student achievement and to oppose the billion dollar tax increase proposed by Amendment 66. For additional information, please visit us at

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