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Coloradans for Real Education Reform's Truth Booth and Rally for Real Reform Counters Billion Dollar Tax Hike Advocates  

DENVER (August 15, 2013) Today, the bipartisan coalition, Coloradans for Real Education Reform, teamed up with moms and education reform advocates to expose the truth about the failure of Initiative 22 to offer the real education reform that our kids deserve while saddling Colorado’s hardworking families with a billion dollar per year tax hike.  The counter-rally included a “Truth Booth” and “Rally for Real Reform” during Colorado Commits to Kids' campaign kick-off at Green Mountain High School.

“Moms are too smart to fall for the false promises of reform that this bill dangles in front of parents who are desperately seeking a high quality education for their children,” said Karin Piper, executive director of Parent-Led Reform, and a single mother.   “We believe it important to demonstrate to Coloradans how this tax increase will negatively impact their families.”

According to the latest Census American Community Survey, the median family income was $69,110 in 2011 (the latest figure available).  This means that this new tax will cost the median Colorado family over $255 per year.  Coloradans for Real Education Reform purchased and displayed $250 worth of school supplies to demonstrate the meaningful impact this tax will impact families that are already struggling under Colorado’s fragile economic recovery.

“A billion dollar tax hike on Colorado families seeing less and less income over the years is not a solution to the broken system was has consistently failed to deliver the quality of education that our children deserve,” added Kelly Maher, a coalition member. “We have got to get down to business and push forward with real education reform.”

Included in the real reform that CRER seeks is real school choice, funding that directly benefits children and teachers in the classroom, and success-based metrics.  Neither Initiative 22 nor the related S.B. 213 includes genuine reform measures.

“This initiative takes decision-making power away from parents,” Democratic former state Sen. Bob Hagedorn. “Parents deserve to see reforms that will help their kids.”

“As you know, I’m a dad of two small children, and I want to see my kids and Colorado’s kids succeed,” state Treasurer Walker Stapleton. “The problem is this tax increase won’t help them achieve their goals and dreams.  We owe our children more than a billion dollar per year blank check to the state legislature.”

About Initiative 22

Initiative 22 is a ballot initiative proposing a two-tiered tax increase, a tax hike on all levels of income. This increase translates to a 27% state income tax increase on incomes above $75,000 annually and an 8% increase for $75,000 or less.

About Coloradans for Real Education Reform

The bipartisan coalition, Coloradans for Real Education Reform, was developed to advocate for substantive reform that leads to measurable gains in student achievement and to oppose the outsized tax increase proposed by Initiative 22. For more information visit CRER or to access our fact sheetsnews articles or press releases.


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