Contact: Jonathan Lockwood
Is it “Colorado Commits to Kids” or “Colorado Commits to Unions”?
DENVER (October 16, 2013)—Yesterday, Colorado Commits to Kids, proponents of the billion-dollar tax increase, disclosed its most recent campaign finance contributions.  The National Education Association and the Colorado Education Association (the national and state-based teacher’s unions) contributed $1 million and $1.25 million, respectively, to the issue committee in just the last reporting period.  In aggregate, the two organizations have given $2 million each to the pro-Amendment 66 effort.

“When special interest groups like the National Education Association and the Colorado Education Association contribute such overwhelmingly significant funds, Colorado families wonder what the groups expect in return,” said Kelly Maher, a Coloradans for Real Education Reform coalition member.  “What the pro-66 campaign lacks in public opinion support, it’s scrambling to make up in financial backing from a few pay-for-play donors.”

Current opinion polling has shown that the more Coloradans learn about the proposed tax the less likely they are to vote for it.

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The bipartisan coalition, Coloradans for Real Education Reform, was developed to advocate for substantive reform that leads to measurable gains in student achievement and to oppose the billion dollar tax increase proposed by Amendment 66. For additional information, please email us at or visit
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