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Transparency Held Hostage by Billion-Dollar Tax Hike

DENVER (Aug. 8, 2013) -- Today, Coloradans for Real Education Reform responded to a claim by proponents of Initiative 22 that the initiative will increase spending transparency. Currently, Colorado’s 2010 Public School Financial Transparency Act requires local education providers to make specified financial information, such as Jefferson County’s financial transparency website. This system could be improved by requiring individual schools to make available this information, but that change is not dependent on the Initiative passing.
“Trying to sell moms this idea that we all have to pay a billion dollars to know where government is spending money, is not going to work,” said Karin Piper, spokesperson for Coloradans for Real Education Reform. “Moms are smart, and we are confident they will see right through this political trick.”
Proponents of Initiative 22 are attempting to sell a billion-dollar tax hike as increasing transparency, when the transparency component of the bill comprises just $5 million of the billion dollar tab. The Democratic legislature had the opportunity to pass the transparency component during the previous legislative session, and failed to do so. Additionally, following the legislative session, Colorado could have used funds from the unexpected billion dollars plus budget surplus to enact this effort, and the state failed to do so again.
"Coloradans have a right to transparency and systems can always be improved.  But what the proponents of this measure are referring to only makes up for half of one percent of the total billion dollars they are looking to take from Colorado’s families,” said Kelly Maher, a coalition member. “There is no reason that the transparency Coloradans deserve should be held hostage by a billion dollar per year tax increase."
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